Monday, June 8, 2009

Mama's New Skill ? New Business ?

Gino : Today I will let Papa explain what happen to him na krab : )

Papa A :
Hi Everyone, this is my first blog writing ever. But I really need to do by myself to explain what happen to me and Gino !!!

In Feb, when we visit Amsterdam and we learn that cost of hair-cut is 40 EUR/time, that is 1,800 THB then it would be 21,600 THB/year. Nara had cost saving idea to do my hair cut by herself. At start I think it's like a joke, until the packing day I found new professional "hair cutting equipment " in one of our box. Ohhhh it's no more joke, it's reality.

First month, Nara practise with Gino and I believe everyone saw new hair style of Gino. very trendy mix of Eastern & Western style. That's what Nara said. --> Who next ?

After one month I can't live with my hair as it too long, so the day is come. After let Gino go to bed almost mid night. "Do we want to do this today ?" Nara said.

"R u sure ? do you need more time ? How you confidence ?" A said

"YES I DO" Nara said

"So how we start ?" A said, "I don't think we have this agreement when we married" A NOT said but think in mind.

"You Tube could help" Nara idea. How she can think to learn to cut hair from You Tube for his husband. That's what she search for...... guess what. You Tube got it !

We run to many video together. As it may be too long for one clip, the first one we saw is the show how to cut at center top of the head. It's look very easy, and Nara said "She's ready to go"

" Nooooooo you know only how to cut at center top, how you will do in other area ? we need to study more pleasessss darling" A said.

At this time, both of us laugh like crazy with tears from my eyes (happiness or scary ??)

Finally we found one good clip. Pls check this out, this is really what we think it best suit us.

Then the exciting thing start at 1.00 am. Everything not too difficult as we think. The first cut is something we never forget, and everythng is going good. Some time when Nara not sure, as good husband I have to encourage, support and help her. It's like how you want to be good husband u have to be in every thing for your wife e.g. 2'nd customer of hair cut pratice. (at least I am not first one, Gino did).

We finish at 2.00 am, and it's not too bad really for first time. Gino recognized me in the morning and I work one day in office without anyone comment. So we are ready for 2'nd round next month !!!

Mission Complete krab.

Picture:: before and after, anyone interested????? to be the 3rd customer :P


  1. Ha ha ha .. nice blog H.A, you're look so excited as well as P.Dao.

    I wish you a good luck next time .. lol



  2. Gooood guy,I recommend next hair style in Gino style na.

  3. Congratulations, your new look is better than Gino kha.

    M is very interested in P’Dao hair cut style, can I reserve the next queue for M please !!!

    He would like to be a 3rd customer. :P